About Us

Our goal is for Jebtal Imports to be the premier product marketplace and broker/supplier of international goods while supporting our clients to achieve maximized efficiency in their procurement process.


Our Company

Jebtal Imports is a Delaware formed company that focuses on sourcing goods coming from Eastern and Western markets such as India, China, Thailand, and Canada. Our core team of technology and industry professionals manage business operations in all markets. We have over 15 years of experience in technology, logistics and supply chain.

We combine sound business process management and innovative solutions providing our clients seamless transactions from source to target delivery. At Jebtal Imports we work directly with our manufacturer’s ownership groups and “C-Level” executives ensuring optimal service quality and efficiency.

Supply Chain

Our global network of partners offers services that allows us to push past the challenges that hinder fast, high-quality supply chain management and product development. At the Jebtal Marketplace we utilize our supply chain as powerful competitive differentiator in areas including global transactions and large order fulfillment.

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